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This is a lovely little beach, where you can relax and have a quiet picnic. Visit if you are going to Glenluce or Stranraer. I really enjoy going here with the dogs. It is a lovely drive along the coast with lots of picnic areas alongside small beaches
Directions.   Closest postcode  DG8 0JJ. Out of the gate and to the end of the road. Turn left onto the the B7004. At the end, T junction turn left and follow B7004 to Whithorn. Turn left into Whithorn and follow the A746 to Glasserton (see below). Turn right onto the A747, go through Port William (there is a lovely little sandwich shop here, have a picnic on route). Keep following the A746 for approx. 10 miles, go past Cock Inn DG8 0JT  (dogs welcome in the bar here, it is a while since I have eaten here, but it was nice and good value), drive through Auchenmaig, then take next road on your left towards Milton.

Go past the postcode and follow the road down to the beach. There is a car park and toilets
Stairhaven Beach and interesting places on route DG8 0JJ
Glasserton church is a lovely little church and has an interesting cemetery and a MUST if you can be visit Woodfall gardens which is at the back of the church, it is amazing walled gardens, the owners are really interesting
Glasserton Church/Woodfall gardens DG8 8LY
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