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NEW BRIDGE.  Feb 2009 For though's who said it could not be done. I managed to drag the two 2 & ½ ton sticks by hand from there resting place on rollers made out of logs using a hand chain block and the surrounding trees as supports to hang the block on no easy task, it took 10 days just to drag them in to place. The two 40ft sticks are 18in square green heart a wood that is so dense and heavy it doesn’t float. The sticks came from the ferry port at Stranraer where they where used as buffers to stop the ferry's hitting and damaging the dock wall. The good news is there is now an extra 2 acres of wood and flood plain to explore.
NEW FISHING JETTY'S. June 2011 Alma and I built two fishing jetty's one either side of the fishery and widened the path round the large spruce to make it easier to get round the lake with the grass cutting tractor. For those's that haven't met Alma she is the manageress of a Spar shop in Ayr and she and her 3 dogs come about 8 time a year and just wants to work on site everyday. Alma has helped me to clear the river of fallen trees, repaired the river bank, helped clear the wood of some 38 full size trees etc etc. The woman is a workaholic. Sadly in 2012 Cupar Alma’s 3 year old deerhound pictured below passed away quietly in his sleep while on site and now rests in the wood on the other side of the river.
NEW TENT ALL WEATHER PITCHES. Winter 2012 and into 2013 was a busy time with the creation of the new all weather tent pitches they are 10 x 10mt and are soil toped with 48mm of pea gravel. It now means we can take tents for longer stays and it will prevent the sort of damage you see in the photo below to the grass caused by prolonged wet spells. The new pitches are free draining and prevent water logging thus extending the tent season the feedback from campers using them is excellent, see below. 
(Andrew & Brenda : Rusty the new tent pitches are fantastic we had a thunder storm for a hour and a half and when we came out the tent there was no water on the ground) - (Julie & Kevin : The new tent pitches are fantastic)
July 2014 BIG BREAKFAST. Our 4th visit here and we will be returning next year. Most memorable day; Lynn suggested a Sunday morning breakfast for EVERYONE. Twenty people sat down to sausage, eggs, bacon, Haggis, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and toast. All on the campsite got involved and IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!  20 people and 11 dogs.......the pooches had a blast too!!!!!  Super site, great location.......and the weather was fab too. Our thanks to Rusty, Christine, Jack and Meg. ( Graham & Gill - Cumbria )
NEW for 2015 Fly Fishing Tuition, Tackle and Flies for sale & Tackle hire: Are now available onsite.
2015 Big BBQ. One of our regulars and the organiser of the famous 2014 Big Breakfast (Lynn) did it again but this time she organised a Big BBQ with the help of some of our other regulars. As usual a great time was had by all. Lynn comes several times a year with her two Westies Bonnie & Skye and as an avid explorer has found some amazing and especially dog friendly walks, restaurants, pubs, cafes and places to visit in the area. So we are creating a page on the website with details of the places she has visited and her notes of what's there, tips and directions.
Other things that have kept me busy this winter are the planting of 200 willow saplings the replacement of all the wooden edging around all the pitches and putting in a new motorhome grey water service point.
2016 Another Award. A big thanks to everyone that took the time to vote for us in 2015 camping and caravanning club best CS sites competition, as the club have awarded us winners of the Best Hideaway CS again.
2016 July Big Swim. Another great day was had by one and all when Lynn completed a couple of laps of our lake after making a daft wager in the Shy Pig one night after one or two too many glasses of red wine. Mind she did raise £100 for the North West Air Ambulance charity from campers and friends who sponsored her, and as you can see she was cheered on by some campers who stayed dry. After Lynn's swim we all got together for another one of our famous BBQ’s outside the Shy Pig. Big John was nominated to do the cooking, as a couple of weeks before hand his wife Andrea had paid to send him on a BBQ course down South for his birthday. And he didn't let us down. There was so much food we all had a big BBQ lunch the next day.

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