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Whisky 2 measures (70ml approx)
Mixed dried fruit 10oz
Soft Brown sugar 6oz
Butter 2oz
Golden Syrup 2 tblspns
Beaten Eggs 3
Crushed Walnuts 2oz
Prepare a blind baked short crust pastry case in an 8 inch tin
Sue Frew. (The Hedge Witch)
Ecclefechan Tart

Soak 10oz of mixed dried fruit (chopped glace cherries, raisins, currants, sultanas mixed peel) overnight, or longer if possible, in two generous measures of Whisky.
Prepare a blind baked shortcrust pastry case using an 8 inch tin.
Place in a thick bottomed pan 6oz soft brown sugar, 2oz butter, and two tablespoons of golden syrup. Heat until melted.
Add the whisky soaked fruit and three beaten eggs immediately.
Pour into the prepared pastry case and top with 2oz crushed walnuts and bake in a low oven heat until set. Approximately 180 C for about 40-45 mins.
Cover with sheet of greaseproof paper towards end of cooking time if browning too much.
Serve warm with lots of fresh clotted cream!
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